🚀 Projects

🚀 Projects

Full list of my projects and opensource contributions can be found on my Github.

[Jan. 2024] BFTGym: An Interactive Playground for BFT Protocols

An interactive platform that allows people to (1) evaluate, compare, and gather insights into the performance of various BFT protocols under a wide range of conditions, and (2) prototype new BFT protocols rapidly.

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[Dec. 2023] Dungeon Assistant

A Scalable WiFi RSSI based Indoor Localization + LiDAR-based 3D Indoor Reconstruction solution with great operational benefit.

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[Apr. 2023] CNN-based CJK Font Recoginizer

First-ever CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) font recognizer and style extractor. Support more than 5000 TrueType / OpenType fonts through 200GB distributedly synthesized dataset of various layout and styling.

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[Aug. 2022] Ayase - A Search-based Accessibility Navigation Tool

A cool accessibility tool that can help people navigate on-screen elements using keyboard by text search. Supports applications built from various technologies including Electron, Web, Qt, WPF, UWP, etc.

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